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Remembering Her Power Retreat, Alberta

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Women For Peace

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Your Vision Is Calling ~ 3 Part Webinar Series

Your Vision Is Calling
We live in a world where life choices are often made from a place of default. This leads to feelings of frustration, confusion, discomfort, anxiety and being in a rut. The Your Vision Is Calling process is designed to support women and men who are willing and ready to move from a life of Default to Design. In a few short weeks participants will:

  • get clarity on their vision (career, business, relationship)
  • explore their personal talents and gifts
  • access the truth of M.O.N.E.Y. (My Own Natural Energy Yield)
  • identify what must be released
  • build a practical plan with feasible action steps
  • apply at least 3 steps towards their vision
  • build accountability for at least 90 days

This workshop series is delivered in 3 parts within a 40-day period.

"Sacred Women helped me lay a blueprint that continues to help me step into my full self. What's great is that blueprint came from deep within me. I will carry my experiences and involvement (which continue to this day) with me for the rest of my life.”

Financial Investment $69 cad


Women Courage & Influence Retreat

In this 2-day retreat of relaxing, reflecting, releasing, reclaiming and renewing women journey from fear, denial and overwhelm to self-awareness, self-acceptance, inner knowing, trust, honor, appreciation and courage.   Women are facilitated through a 7-step self empowering process designed to support them in answering key questions about present life choices and reoccurring life patterns; identifying mental, emotional, physical and, or spiritual limitations; and, accessing simple tools that affirms living.   At the end of the experience women will have:

  • examined their own behaviors and habits
  • identified the mental, emotional, physical and, or spiritual limitations that are blocking them from fully living their purpose
  • gained an understanding of the various levels of consciousness that influence their relationship choices, including people and M.O.N.E.Y. (My Own Natural Energy Yield)
  • explored fundamental principles to authentic living that can transform their lives
  • learnt how to make choices free of the limitations caused by guilt, grief, fear, anger, apathy or pride

"Sacred Women international is a movement that supports and grounds me in my truth. SWI's impact on me is more than I could possibly imagine, SWI leads me to realize and honor my power as a woman, mother, sister, healer, & creative being."

Deposit $169 cad
Full Payment $507 cad


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