Serving You

Life Coaching

Women and men who are ready and willing to be guided and nurtured by the power of the Feminine are facilitated through masterful techniques that incorporate Universal principles, ancient spiritual practices and various healing modalities. Clients are supported in overcoming limited beliefs; building bigger dreams; experiencing extraordinary results in ordinary situations; and, establishing a joy filled legacy that heals generations before and empowers generations to come – FREEDOM.

Workshops & Retreats

Your Vision Is Calling ~ 6 Part Series

We live in a world where life choices are often made from a place of default. This leads to feelings of frustration, confusion, discomfort, anxiety and being in a rut.  The Your Vision Is Calling process is designed to support women and men who are willing and ready to move from a life of Default to Design.

Women and Nonviolence

This workshop consists of a range of ideas/prompts to generate discussion and allow emotional, mental, spiritual and physical issues to be explored in a safe space. Women are lovingly supported to access practical tools for self loving and peaceful living.

Women Courage & Influence Retreat

In this 2 1/2 days retreat of relaxation, reflection, release, reclaim and renewal  women journey from fear, denial and overwhelm to self-awareness, self-acceptance, inner knowing, trust, honor, appreciation and Courage.

Sacred Leaders Mentorship Program

The Sacred Leaders Mentorship Program is a 10-month curriculum based on Spiritual principles, Universal laws and ancient wisdom practices as used across various spiritual and cultural paths. The journey is for women who are choosing to bring about social, economical, political and spiritual change by Being the Change.

Small & Medium Business Training

Core Beliefs and Business Growth

80% of all Small Business Enterprises (SMEs) fail within the first 18 months of start-up. This workshop is for the entrepreneurs and self-employed professionals, including artists who are challenged with taking their business to the next level.

Healing Arts for Organizational Wellness

In today's complex work environment it is vital for staff to use every tool available to enhance their personal and organizational wellness. Mind-body healing arts practices are perfect to improve organizational performance. It utilizes controlled body movements while focusing on conscious connected breathing.

Ceremonies & Rituals
  • Commitment/Wedding Ceremony
  • Baby Naming and Dedication Ceremony
  • Energy Clearing
  • Community Healing Circles

"... Ceremony was such an beautiful experience for all of us in attendance. If you are pondering working with this beautiful soul, ponder no more. Thank you Aina-Nia, we love and appreciate you."


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