Sacred Leadership Training (SLT™)
A person's ability to create her desires and fully live her purpose requires that she embraces Self-Love as the base of all her choices. When she knows how to love herself deeply and completely, she is able to be authentic in her desires for self, family, community, and the world as a whole. Then, and only then will she be able to influence her surroundings and circumstances – This is Leadership. This is Life Mastery!

The SLT™ began in 2009 and has supported countless women to lead in their vision. The curriculum explores the multiple roles of the leader or emerging leader - healer, teacher, spiritualist, entrepreneur, activist, artist and creator.

What is the process?

  • Sacred Leadership Training or SLT™ is simply an approach to leadership which is inspired by inner exploration and deepened self-awareness.
  • The SLT™ curriculum is based on Spiritual principles, Universal laws and ancient wisdom practices as used across various spiritual and cultural paths.
  • The process uses self-empowerment tools from an African and other indigenous  traditional leadership perspective.
  • It provides the methodology necessary to empower women to become confident, poised, compassionate, loving and influential leaders within their families, community, and the world.
  • This is a process of mental, emotional, physical and spiritual exploration and awakening. Sometimes referred to as a "spiritual bootcamp."

You will have the opportunity to be mentored directly by renowned leadership development trainer, spiritual teacher and life coach, Aina-Nia Ayo'dele.

Who is this process for?

  • Women who want to be a part of a support system of sacred leaders - leadership inspired by inner exploration and awareness.
  • Women who are choosing to bring about social, economical, political and spiritual change by first "Being the Change."
  • Women who want to strengthen their roles as leaders in this world.
  • Women whose souls are called to lead authentically and abundantly; always from an overflow.

When is the next cohort?
The 7th cohort of the Sacred Leaders Training (SLT™) will start Sunday, July 8, 2018.
Applications are due April 30, 2018 at 11:59pm.  button

What kind of time commitment is involved?
The group meets on the 2nd Sunday each month from 10am to 5pm. Individual life coaching sessions are biweekly and counseling sessions are once monthly. Throughout the process, there are virtual group sessions and other assignments that will require your time. There are 2 retreats, this includes international travel at the end of the process for culmination.

Do I have to be a leader?
This process is for those who are currently leading or emerging leaders. Women define how and where they are leading in their lives, personally or professionally.

What's the age limit?
Our focus is on spiritual maturity rather than chronological maturity. However, the youngest woman to have enrolled and culminated from this process was 21 years old.

How large is the group?
This is an intensive program and it is important to maintain an intimate group. We have received between 7 and 11 women in each cycle over the years.

Where are the meetings held?
Our group sessions are held in Toronto. However, women who live outside of Toronto or Canada can join us physically when they can and, or  via the web.

What is the cost?
The cost of this process has remained minimal to ensure that women have access to this life-transforming process. The monthly fee is $397 or it can be paid in two payments of $1885, or a one-time payment of $3569. A commitment deposit of $197 is required upon acceptance.

Can I use my work Professional Development benefits towards this program?
Yes. Many employers have allowed women to use their PD dollars towards the SLT™ program. We are happy to invoice employers. You will want to check in with your employer for approval.

Get a sneak preview into Aina-Nia Ayo'dele and the SLT process

What are graduates saying about the process?
"SLT took me through a process of deep inner reflection, self-acceptance, and transformation.  It taught me spiritual and self-development tools that enabled me to manifest the life I envisioned." ~ Sonia Godding Togobo, Filmmaker

"The process unlocked my awareness, empowerment and life's vision through a deep examination of my true needs and desires." ~ Kuumba Adjua, Entrepreneur

"This process is drawn from ancient indigenous teachings and gifted facilitation. It grounds women in mentorship, leadership, and sisterhood that is building and sustaining healing transformation and rippling positive impacts." ~ Rachel Larabee "Red Blanket Woman", College Professor

"I recently completed this 10-month process. After the birth of my two children, this is the most powerful experience I have been part of. If you feel that calling that life could be more than what you are experiencing it to be right now on so many levels, this process will support you." ~Tanika Riley, Educator/Speaker/Artist

"This program was a powerful life changer for me. It provided valuable tools, insights and a deeper connection to myself, not to mention access to a supportive community of women. Through spiritual and practical guidance, this 10-month process will transform you. It has enabled me to live out my ultimate life vision." ~Cassandra Belafonte, Arts Administrator

"In my mentorship process, great precision and care was taken in all my learning and almost five years later, I now know that within SWI I was given a framework for intentional, holistic and  joyful living."  ~ Ashley McFarlane, Fashion Designer

"The SLT process was and is everything my soul needed to fly again. It gave me tools to heal myself and know my life's purpose." ~ Sheena Blake, Book Publisher

"I thought I really knew myself, but during the process, I came to realize that I only knew the tip of Who I am... now I make choices that support my vision and to be able to make shifts in my life immediately AND help others shift immediately." ~ Sabrina Morrison, Social Worker/Life Coach

"Now my is life orderly - not under control but orderly. When I feel tired, I sleep. When I feel hungry, I eat... Trust is number one. I have grown the most in trusting myself. I trust my sisters, I trust myself, I trust God. Thank you for creating a community and a space for growth!" ~ Karyl Morong, Counselor


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