ShEmpowered™ Leadership Dance Camp

The ShEmpowered™ Leadership Dance Camp combines movement creatively with the richness of Afrikan traditions and contemporary leadership practices. We introduce Indigenous Afrikan principles and practices integrated into the framework of movement.

Through the ShEmpowered™ Leadership Dance Camp girls grades 4-8 participate in fun activities that encourage critical thinking, problem solving, working as a team, inquiry & reflection. Girls explore ways in which elements of African dance techniques can be used as tools for empowerment as they lead and navigate through life.

For bookings or additional information please contact Natasha Eck.

SWI Youth Programs & Services Coordinator
Bus: 647-867-1794

Self-Care & Activism: SWI & AWID

Sacred Women International lovingly supports the spiritual and emotional well-being in feminist activism. There has to be committed and deliberate self-care in activism for the movement to be sustainable.


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