My first encounter with Reverend Aina-Nia and her work with Sacred Women International was through a money management workshop offered at anitafrika dub theatre in 2009. I continue to return to the notes that I made that day. The insight she provided regarding the fear that many of us have to money and deconstructing this fear to build a healthier relationship that will yield a stronger and more positive future is a lesson I continue to learn and re-learn. I appreciate the numerous spaces of support, learning, challenge and development that SWI curates, facilitates and offers and am thankful for the impact that it's presence has had not only in my life but also in the lives of my sister-friends throughout the city.

Amanda Parris, http://www.amandaparris.com

I have had the great pleasure of working with and alongside Reverend Aina-Nia Ayo'dele in my role as a community worker and group facilitator leading a young men's health promotion and HIV-prevention retreat and intervention, Many Men, Many Voices since 2009. Rev. Aina-Nia and the women a part of her Sacred Women's International have supported this program by leading the closing service and ritual for this retreat. Since its inception, 200 men have completed our rites process and nearly all of them have noted the immense impact the inclusion of Rev. Aina-Nia and her SWI team have had on them.

The dynamic energy and integrity each of the women of SWI walk with, transmit in such tangible ways to the men, and rarely is there a dry eye in the house once they have begun. On a more personal note, Rev. Aina-Nia Ayo'dele has been such an important part of my own development as a minister and community person, and I have been proud to call her a mentor, spiritual big-sister and friend. Her skill at being able to take large spiritual principles and concepts and relate them in such a practical and relevant way, is her biggest gift, and one that helps to set her apart as a facilitator, educator and spiritual guide.

Pastor David Lewis Peart, Minister| Counsellor| Consultant

Between ages 11-17, I experienced child abuse. As a result I was living my life a victim and I created a life where I allowed others to mistreat me and abuse me. My self-worth was no where to be found.
This pattern and negative feeling followed me throughout my adulthood. I needed spiritual guidance, coaching and help. So I joined SWI.

I've been a part of SWI for almost five years now. When I first joined SWI I was nearly homeless, jobless, lost, broken emotionally and spiritually.

Now I have the strength to face my abuser in court last year, I am now an advocate and an inspirational speaker for other women and children and I am a business owner and have the choice to give back to my community like SWI gave to me.

Thank you Rev. Aina Nia and SWI. If is wasn't for you I surely would have died by self harm or even suicide. God Bless you and Keep you, SWI.

Sabrina M, Councilor & Public Speaker

We were introduced to Aina-Nia's work while attending a friend's ceremony. Though it was a sad occasion, she made it such a positive and uplifting experience. After witnessing this we decided that if it was destined to be, we would love to have that same energy present on the day of our daughter's dedication/naming ceremony. We can't say enough how blessed we were to have this come to fruition. The naming ceremony was such an beautiful experience for all of us in attendance. If you are pondering working with this beautiful soul, ponder no more. Thank you Anna-Nia, we love and appreciate you.

Ché, Amanda & Esmé,


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