Sacred Leader, Kathleen gives a peak into her own journey in the SLT process.,

"Aina-Nia, Thank you ... You are an empathetic, empowering and powerful coach."

Nathalie C.

Nathalie C., Toronto, Canada

Give Thanks!  So many incredible miracles are happening for me now!  I want to acknowledge that THAT DAY! (Women For Peace Day) has carried me far, has reminded me of my personal power, has encouraged me to go for it! has shown me that my presence is appreciated, has reminded me that I am a giver of my essence, my love, and that it is my mission to continue giving as I have been commissioned to do. As I do this in an obedient, willing, loving, wombyn: all is possible.  Thank you!

Amazing opportunity!

Be wonder-filled!

Opal Sparks

Opal Sparks, Food Safety Manager and Advocate, Farmer

I am so eternally blessed for having Rev. Aina-Nia in my life. Her being and work has been instrumental in my emotional, spiritual and physical health. The depth of her knowledge across various spiritual beliefs and tools has been instrumental in my work not just with her but within the communities that she has built. Watching her work has and continues to be magic. She continues to inspire my personal work and I am internally grateful to have her as a gift.

Being a part of the SWCI community has been a blessing. I am so appreciative of the SWCI family!

Kemba Byam,


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