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Sacred Women International (SWI ) is an organization that Inspires individuals to realize their highest vision, live with purpose and influence change in their families, communities and throughout the world.
SWI focuses on building the emotional, mental, economical and spiritual well being of individuals who are ready and willing to embrace their power so they may experience their desires, lead from a place of inner power and “Be The Change."
Since 2009 SWI has been inspiring political and social activism through the teaching of Universal Principles and Ancient Practices to individuals in North America, the Caribbean and Africa.
SWI believes everyone can experience their deepest desires/visions if they have access to the tools, principles and practices that enable these desires/visions.  SWI remains inspired by the knowing that emotional, mental, physical and economic wellness can most effectively be achieved when each individual practices peaceful and purposeful living- Spiritual Activism.

"I am so thankful to the ancestors that I found Sacred Women when I did. It has changed my life for the better and helped me to rediscover the magic in my life. I feel that good things have been coming my way and I affirmed my ability to manifest abundance."


Aina-Nia Ayo'dele

Aina-Nia @ 50Aina-Nia is the founder and managing director of Sacred Women International (SWI) and a renowned leadership development trainer, spiritual teacher and life coach. She is on a mission to influence peace across the planet by supporting individuals to remember their power, experience a purposeful life and be the change they want to see in the world.

She has worked in the area of leadership development for over two decades. Through her work in corporate and non-profit environments she developed and facilitated various personal and professional development programs and has presented to academic, corporate, spiritual and civil society audiences in Canada, USA, Caribbean and Ghana.

Aina-Nia is currently travelling to cities around the planet, to fulfill her calling to support women in the process of remembering their power and claiming the life that they envision. In the summer of 2015, she completed the first in a documentary television series called 'Remembering Her Power'.

This inspirational leadership trainer also shares her innovative theories of Personal and Organizational Wellness to management and staff in the social services and health sectors. She is passionate about the importance of overall personal wellness as a means to organizational sustainability.

Aina-Nia studied extensively under the tutelage of Dr. Iyanla Vanzant and is a Minister of New Thought Ancient Wisdom. She has also studied with several elders in various indigenous practices. She is a graduate of the CWF-Coady International Institute's (St. Xavier University) Women's Leadership  program. Aina-Nia is currently a doctoral student in mystical studies.

Through the years, Aina-Nia has been recognized in both the Canadian and USA media including Heart & Soul and Planet Africa magazines and in 2008 was nominated as one of Toronto's most inspiring women. In 2015 she was recognized by the Ontario government for her contributions to community.

Aina-Nia's Other Work

"Her skill at being able to take large spiritual principles and concepts and relate them in such a practical and relevant way, is her biggest gift, and one that helps to set her apart as a facilitator, educator and spiritual guide"


Kemba King

Kemba King pic copyKemba King is the SLT™ Program Manager for the Sacred Leadership Training (SLT™) program. She is also the program's resident counselor and is known for her gentle and practical approach to counseling.

Kemba began her journey as a Sacred Leader in the first cohort of the SLT™ mentorship program from which she culminated in 2010.

She is a part of Toronto co-counseling community and has a certificate in Community Healing and Peace Building from the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education (University of Toronto).

Kemba’s other work includes workshop facilitation that addresses many issues that support women around their vision, their bodies and the social-cultural-impact oppression on women.

"Kemba, you carry peace in everything you say and do... Thank you for stretching me/we with your overflowing love, divine knowledge, wisdom and devoted mentorship."

Contact Kemba: kemba@sacredwomeninternational.com


Natasha Eck

Natasha Eck is Sacred Women International Youth Services Coordinator.

She is also the dynamic, energetic and inspiring Creative Movement facilitator for The Art of Personal & Organizational Wellness™program. The program is delivered to staff and managers in the health and social services sector across Canada.

Natasha culminated from the SLT™ mentorship program in 2011 and has been reshaping and enriching the lives of women and youth across Canada ever since.

She has taught dance, drama and musical theatre for organizations such as Living Arts Centre, Arts Starts, Arts Express, Canadian Opera Company, Moyo Wa Africa Collective in numerous schools throughout Canada.

As an arts educator, dancer, entrepreneur Natasha believes that the arts and travel facilitate a deeper understanding and love of self and others. Natasha feels honoured to contribute to this quiet and powerful movement called Sacred Women International.

"Natasha uses the arts to inspire people to dream big and achieve big."

Contact Natasha: natasha@sacredwomeninternational.com

Learn More About Natasha's Work

Sabrina Morrison

The words “You Are What You Think About” by Earl Nightingale and “ It is the mind that makes the body” by Sojourner Truth are few phrases that inspired Sabrina Morrison to start her journey in Human Services and her Healing from Child Abuse. Dedicating her life as a Spiritual Healer and Mental Health instructor which has led her to other paths: Mentoring, Intuitive Counselor, Healer and Inspirational Speaker. Sabrina has a history of serving her community as: a Case-Manager for Municipal and provincial Governments, Support Counselor at Elizabeth Fry Society, Nurse Assistant at Etobicoke Hospital, program developer at Boys and Girls Club, Crisis Prevention Intervention Co-Facilitator, Mental Health First Aid Certified Instructor (with Mental Health Commissions of Canada)  and many other social-profit / for-profit organizations.

Using her formal experience, education along with her personal experience with challenging adversities, Sabrina has developed a keen ability to discover why people become “Stuck” and how they can truly take “Action” to live their best life and live a life of mental wellness.

Due to the Fort McMurray wildfires Sabrina was evacuated and relocated in 2016 to the Edmonton Region. Originally relocated to Fort McMurray from Toronto and a member of the Canadian Mental Health Association-CMHA team as a Consumer Advocate; Sabrina is determined to take the city by storm by serving the community and educate organizations about mental /emotional wellness and Mental Health First Aid.

Contact Sabrina: sabrina@sacredwomeninternational.com

Alix Muyoti Mukonambi


Alix Muyoti Mukonambi is the Sacred Women International Advocacy & Community Outreach Manager. She describes herself as an artivist, social innovator and healer.

Alix Muyoti was raised and educated by diverse revolutionary communities of practice in Toronto and East Afrika. She is grounded in community education within social justice movements for queer/trans rights. Along with this work, she is committed to the Pan-Afrikan struggle for liberation.

In 2015, Alix Muyoti culminated as a Sacred Leader, under the mentorship of Aina-Nia Ayo’dele. She is currently living her vision of cultivating healing arts spaces through Afrikan ancestral practice, plant medicines, music, and digital arts.  Alix Muyoti’s first (cook) book will be published in summer 2017. She is currently a Sorplusi Arts Fellow at the Watah School.

Alix Muyoti is infinitely grateful for the blessings of re/learning healing journeys from those who carry the sage secrets of loving.

"Alix Muyoti is incredibly talented and has committed her life to giving voice to Afrikan people everywhere. Her generousity is gigantic!"

Contact Alix Muyoti: alix@sacredwomeninternational.com



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